Carlos Zubieta, has been living and practicing architecture for the past 20 years in Venice California. He has worked with world renowned architect Ricardo Legorreta and local sculptor Robert Graham. This rich professional experience has exposed him to a wide range of design and scale of projects including many custom single family residences as well as civic installations such as the Duke Ellington Memorial in New York and the F.D.R memorial in Washington DC.

His work is rooted in understanding the relationship between design and the precise execution and manifestation of the idea through the building process.

Carlos possess a keen understanding of the design process necessary to execute projects of many different scales. He has designed and built single family homes, furniture, restored a rundown 1962 Airstream Land Yacht, which his family lived in during the construction of their home in Venice. His family home which he designed and built was published and featured in the Los Angeles Time’s in May 2013.

In his formative years he attended SCI-ARC where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree. He studied with Ray Kappe, Michael Rotondi and Tom Mayne. He graduated in 1994 with Best Thesis design in his graduating class. 

Carlos is a native of Uruguay; he has lived in many countries such as Argentina, Turkey and Lichtenstein. His passion for traveling and learning about different cultures has broadened his understanding of the world, and the role of architecture in different cultures.

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