The house is located in a development of 58 homes designed by Charles Goodman. Hammond Wood was developed in 1949-1950 in Silver Spring, Maryland. This very unique neighborhood outside Washington DC is on the National Register of Historic Places. The project received a Historic Preservation Award in Montgomery County, Maryland in 2006.

This home had been left vacant for many years; all the original design and original finishes were still in place as the original architect had designed them. Our work consisted of upgrading the main services by carefully and meticulously peeling away the years of wear and tear to the home and built-in furniture. The only interventions to the original design were adding a new door at the rear for access to the back yard, reworking the kitchen layout to create a longer continuous counter space, and upgrading the window system with insulated glass for a more energy efficient envelope of the home. The landscape was fully re-done using native grasses and trees of the area.

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